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Pauline Hanson Is Wearing A Burqa In Parliament Right Now

We've seen some crazy stunts from Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party but this one takes the cake. 

Pauline Hanson... walking into Parliament... wearing a Burqa.

The controversial politician's antics were a thinly veiled - pardon the pun - attention seeking ploy to push for a ban on full face coverings. 

The aim? To show that individuals hidden beneath full face coverings are a risk to security... despite the fact that she identified herself to Parliament before entering, therefore kind of defeating the purpose of the prank before it even started. 

Her publicity stunt was met with huge criticism and her back-to-back questions were slammed by George Brandis and Penny Wong in a ten minutes of Question Time that was actually quite thrilling to watch. 

Protesting Burqas by wearing a Burqa... It's certainly a new angle from the dual citizenship debate that has been overshadowing Australian politics in the past week.

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