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Passengers Thrown Off Flight After Failing To Obey Rule

A woman and her boyfriend have been kicked off a flight after they refused to watch a safety video.

The couple was removed from an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland at Wellington Airport on Tuesday.

With the pair sitting in an exit row and they were required to look at a special safety message but refused and looked at their phones instead.

A passenger told NZ website Stuff 'The flight attendant was super kind and kept asking her, but the woman put her fingers in her ears.’

'They didn't seem to care. The passengers behind them were saying ''For God's sake, it takes two minutes to look at it, just look at it''... they seemed like they were too important for it.'

The couples refusal to read the safety card or watch the safety video delayed the flight by 25 minutes.

'You'd think they'd be embarrassed or mortified, but they seemed quite chuffed about the whole thing... I just felt for the flight attendants, because they got abused,' a passenger said. An Air New Zealand spokeswoman said flight NZ424 was forced to return to the gate after a passenger refused to follow crew instructions.

'Police were waiting at the gate when the aircraft returned and the customer disembarked,' the spokeswoman said.

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