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Parents Accuse Hospital Of Causing Baby’s Horrific Injuries

A Queensland couple have claimed hospital staff are responsible for the horrific injuries their baby suffered before being put in state care.

The eight-week-old had a brain injury, retinal haemorrhages and 36 fractures, with the parents denying they were responsible.

According to The Courier Mail, the parents’ have alleged the newborn sustained injuries “during the transportation … through the various hospitals”.

They also told the District Court that a forceps delivery may have resulted in the baby’s brain injury and that facial bruises were the result of “rolling onto his pacifier”.

It was also suggested the boy may have brittle bone syndrome by the parents who were trying to get their child back from foster care.

During the hearing, it was revealed the baby was rushed to Cairns Base Hospital by ambulance and later take to Townsville on February 20, 2013.

Experts denied the explanations, citing severe shaking as one of the likely reasons behind the injuries.

They the fact that the baby is still alive is thanks to his hospitalisation.

Three years later, the young boy is unable to sit without support or hold his head up while seated. He also has to be fed through a tube in his nose as a result of the injuries.

The parents’ bid was unsuccessful with the Judge calling the accusations “wildly speculative”.

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