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Why Parenting Experts Say Peppa Pig Is A Danger For Kids

Despite being one of the world's most LOVED children's shows, experts have warned that Peppa Pig could be doing lasting damage to kids. 

Not what parents who rely on Peppa Pig to keep their little ones occupied want to hear! 

ABC2 shows like Peppa Pig, Shaun The Sheep and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom now regularly top the daily digital ratings. According to The Daily Telegraph, ‘given their target audience is tiny — both in stature and numbers — the fact these kids programs rival Today and Sunrise when it comes to eyeballs tuning in is raising alarm bells.’


Dr Karen Phillip, one of Australia's leading parenting experts, says that “A lot of parents feel that those (ABC2) programs are beneficial to the children...but by beneficial you don’t know if they mean education or childminding. To me, it’s more childminding.”

According to Phillip, "The fact our children are so engaged with screens has led to not just the inability to use their imagination, but has even been linked to a lack of empathy development


“Kids are losing the capability of developing skills in empathy and reading other people’s body language because they’re so not in tune with it anymore,” she said. “Even with their friends, they’ll play next to them on an iPad but not with them.”

“They’re sitting in front of a screen and being entertained externally and continuously. Even four and five-year-olds are losing the ability to come up with new games, new concepts and new ideas because they’re so used to being entertained by an external source.”

Luckily, Dr Phillip agrees that children still have the potential to develop while watching television, but they will require interaction with their parents at the same time. 

To turn it to your benefit, Phillip says “If parents interact with them during a show or if they want to watch, say Peppa Pig and they’re doing the singing and dancing and interacting, that’s completely different,” 

“We just (also) need to make sure that we provide the opportunity for children to engage in their own play.”

Do you think we rely too much on technology to keep our kids entertained? 

Source: Daily Telegraph

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