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One Of Australia's Most Used Medications Has Been RECALLED

Tens of thousands of packs of Valium are being recalled after blister strips of the sleeping and anti-anxiety pack were stolen from packs and another medication was put inside.

The New South Wales police are investigating the issue as patients are at risk of double dosing on the substituted medicines.

Melbourne’s Herald Sun is reporting that the Department of Health has yet to issue any notification to the public about the issue.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration put up a notice on its website last week, with an alert saying packs paracetamol codeine pills used for pain, rosuvatstain pills used to control cholesterol and pantoprazole pills used for stomach ulcers have also been recalled in connection with the substitution.

Over thirty thousand Valium prescriptions are handed out each month to treat anxiety, relax muscles, to treat trembling, confusional states or anxiety associated with alcohol withdrawal as well as to treat panic attacks.

Patients who have boxes of the 5mg strength tablets are urged to immediately return them to their pharmacists.

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