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NSW Police Warn Trick-Or-Treaters For Halloween

Police urge pedestrians about staying safe while trick or treating.

Halloween is upon us and the NSW Police have a message for people who are gonna be out and about.

Whether you're trick-or-treating or not, please be careful as there's likely going to be way more kids out this afternoon and this evening. 

In a statement from the NSW Police they've said, "Drivers need to remember to slow down around suburban areas, particularly where a lot of younger families who may be trick or treating."

NSW Police warn trick-or-treaters to be careful on halloween

"If you are supervising the kids while they are trick or treated this afternoon, it is important to use designated lights and crossings where possible"

"Make your group stand out by using torches and glow sticks, so drivers can see you"

Police have also urged Trick or Treaters to stick to houses with decorations on their properties, and to respect people's decision not to participate in the festivities.

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