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NSW Government Votes To Tear Sydney Olympic Stadium

The New South Wales Parliament and Gladys Berejiklian have finally signed off on a deal to tear down and completely rebuild both the Sydney Olympic Stadium and the Sydney Football Stadium. The project is set to cost the state an eye-watering $2.3 billion.

The negotiation period begun 18 months ago when then-premier Mike Baird first floated the stadium redevelopment deal. The announcement brings this period to a close. 

With the deal now going ahead, we will see the Moore Park football stadium torn down, starting next year. Work at the Homebush site of the Olympic Stadium, which is corporately known as ANZ Stadium, is set to begin in 2019.

A new rectangular football stadium will occupy the space of the Moore Park site. This new stadium will seat approximately 45,000 people. Whereas a multi-purpose stadium with seating capacity expected to reach between 75,000 and 80,000 people will be set at the Homebush site.

The Sydney Cricket Ground Trust, the Australian Rugby Union and Sydney FC forced the Government to alter their proposal so that Sydney Football Stadium would be rebuilt first due to it being older in comparison to the Olympic Stadium. 

It has been questioned by the Olympic Stadium would need a complete demolition and rebuilding when it is just 17 years old. 

Opposition Leader Luke Foley has meanwhile slammed the redevelopment at Moore Park as a “white elephant” and questioned the facilities ability to draw a peak capacity crowd.

“I’ve always said west before east because that’s where the people are. They will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a white elephant, on a stadium that won’t host grand finals, State of Origins, Bledisloe Cups or the biggest Socceroos qualifiers. Why are we doing this? Is the Waratahs vs the Bulls in Super Rugby going to 45,000 people? They struggle to get 10,000.” he said.

The package also includes money to redevelop Parramatta Stadium. Plans are now set to go ahead which means disruptions for residents in the area is imminent. 

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