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Roads Rip-Off: Government Lists New Speed Camera Spots

The NSW government has quietly added 113 new mobile speed camera locations to its website.

The cameras, which can capture up to six speeding cars a second, come as fine revenue for speeding and red light camera offences reach a four-year-high.

Shadow Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Jodi McKay said it’s unfair motorists have received no warning of the new speed traps.

“If the Government was serious about slowing motorists down and not just raking in fine money then it wouldn’t secretly create 113 new mobile speed traps,” she said.

“The road toll is increasing; the focus should be on slowing people down, not raising revenue.”

The locations of the new cameras were added last Friday afternoon to an obscure sub-section of the Centre for Road Safety’s website.

The Government is targeting Western Sydney (19 new locations), the Hunter (12); Southern NSW (20) and Northern NSW (23).

You can view the full list here.

The road toll in NSW is up to 233 for 2016. Ms McKay says there is a serious imbalance in the Baird government's approach as fines are increasing, but fatalities aren’t slowing.

In response to Ms McKay's claims Bernard Carlon, Executive Director of NSW Centre For Road Safety says the number of mobile speed cameras has not increased. 

"The total number of mobile speed camera locations and the number of hours they enforce has not changed, remaining at 640 locations and 7,000 hours per month," Mr Carlon said. 

He said the 113 camera locations released on Friday are replacement cameras. Not new cameras. 

"Mobile speed camera locations that could no longer be used for enforcement as there were no suitable places to park the vehicle and position the warning signs were decommissioned on 1 August and replaced with 113 new locations," he said.

"In July we sent out notification by email and SMS to every customer who has signed up to one of our alert services.

"All speed cameras in NSW are clearly marked – the most visible in the country. Mobile speed camera vehicles are covered in fluoro markings and warning signs are placed 250 metres before, 50 metres before and up to 50 metres after the vehicle. This ensures motorists recognise the enforcement activity and slow down."

Anyone can sign up for email or SMS alerts about new camera locations by visiting

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