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NSW Drivers Could Soon Face A Brand New Road Rule

NSW drivers could soon see the introduction of a new road rule if the state's volunteer firefighters have anything to do with it.

The emergency responders are asking the government to bring in a law that would require road users to slow down to 40 km/h when passing ambulances, police cars and fire trucks that have slowed down or stopped altogether.

Ken Middleton, president of the Rural Fire Service Association, pointed out that the same rule already exists in Victoria and South Australia, and is already implemented in other circumstances in NSW.

"This is just a fundamental protection that is afforded to tow truck drivers, to people alighting from school buses and for road workers who are working on our highways," he told

"What I would like to see in NSW is an education campaign for the public, and motorists being brought on board by the NRMA so that everyone understands the need for the legislation."

Mr Middleton also revealed that he himself had seen a secondary accident in which a car hit a parked fire truck on the M1, killing the car passenger.

"At all times that fire truck was operating its blue lights," he recounted. "That's an example where someone has died and it could have been avoided. 

"That could have been any truck any where, any accident."

Mr Middleton is hoping to speak to the Labor Party in the coming weeks in an effort to put forward his proposal, which has already garnered support from the Australian Paramedics Association and the NSW Police Association.

"Any strategy that protects emergency services is welcome," a spokesman for the latter said. "It is about protecting the protectors."

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