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New Powerhouse Museum In Parramatta May See Fewer Visitors

Fewer people will visit Sydney's Powerhouse Museum if it's moved from the CBD to Parramatta unless ticket prices are slashed, a report shows.

While there will be an expected boost in the first two years of the museum opening, the business case for the controversial NSW government plan forecasts a dip in visitor numbers if the existing $15 entry fee remains.

Modelling shows more people will visit the venue in western Sydney if admission is cut to $5.

"A lowering of entry price had a positive effect on participant preference to visit the new museum," the documents say.

The business case, part of which was made public on Tuesday following pressure from parliament, revealed the estimated cost for the government's preferred project option to be $1.18 billion.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge says it's "utterly remarkable" the government is persisting with the move from Ultimo.

"All modelling shows moving the Powerhouse to Parramatta will significantly reduce the number of visitors," he told AAP.

The opposition, meanwhile, claims ticket prices will jump to $34 for an adult and $26 per child if the museum is relocated, based on assumptions used in the report.

"The Powerhouse Museum decision is enormously unpopular and it is a project that lurches from thought bubble to thought bubble and from crisis to crisis,"

Labor's arts spokesman Walt Secord said in a statement.

A spokesman for NSW Arts Minister Don Harwin told AAP the visitation numbers quoted were in the draft business case and were different to the final document.


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