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New 'Bicycle Friendly' Road Rule Has Sydney Motorists Fuming

Drivers in NSW face big fines and the loss of demerit points following the introduction of a new road rule to accommodate cyclists on our roads.

We know have to ensure that there is least a one metre radius when passing a cyclist in zones less than 60km/h, while a further 50 centimetre-buffer is required when passing at higher speeds,

The new rule, called Minimum Passing Distance, was announced following a two-year trial.

Now, drivers who pass cyclists within a metre can be fined up to $330 and also lose two demerit points.

The permanent introduction of the rule has led to an outcry from enraged motorists, who have accused some cyclists of being a 'menace' to the roads.

Reaction to the new rule has been mixed with some motorists claiming that cyclists are a menace who should only ride on bike or foot paths, while cyclists have praised the new rule, blaming motorists for a perceived 'us versus them' attitude.

The Queensland, Victorian and Western Australian Governments already have one metre minimum gap laws in place.

However the punishment is more severe in WA, where motorists can be fined $400 and stripped of four demerit points. 

Sydney Road Rage Incident With Cyclist

Daily Mail

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