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Nationals Push To Ban 'Un-Australian' Burqa

National MPs say they want to ban the burqa from being worn at any public place with the exception of mosques as they claim it's a safety risk and also “not conducive to the Australian way of life”.

Nationals MP George Christensen recently pushed for a last-minute motion at the party’s federal conference to ban both the burqa and niqab.

Mr Christensen told The Daily Telegraph that:

“The sensible thing to do is to ban the burqa and niqab in public buildings and spaces, leaving some exemptions for religious places of worship,”

“It’s not an attack on religion — it’s an attack on a cultural garment which really is not conducive to the Australian way of life. There clearly is a threat to public safety and security and (people) should be forced to take them off if they refuse.”

Nationals Leader and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce told The Daily Telegraph he supported the debate.

“The Nationals revel in democracy,”

“That doesn’t necessarily mean it becomes policy. That’s a matter for the Federal conference; and I’ll be watching and listening to the debate like any other delegate”.

Mr Christensen said his move to ban the burqa was not racist.

“If you can’t see someone’s face it immediately creates a tension (and) a discord,”

“It doesn’t build a bridge to good relations with community members. It makes people afraid.”

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