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Mysterious Call Suggests Missing QLD Woman Is Alive And Well

The puzzling disappearance of a woman in rural Queensland may be on the verge of being solved after a person claiming to be her phoned police.

The call was made on Thursday after extensive searches failed to yield any clues about the whereabouts of 20-year-old Bianca Gawne, who vanished nine days ago.

Investigators are appealing for the female caller to again make contact and attend a police station so officers can determine whether Ms Gawne is safe and well.

They have assured her privacy will be maintained and that her location won't be disclosed.


Ms Gawne was last seen at the property she shares with her family in Tandur, south of Gympie, on Wednesday of last week.

Investigators never ruled out suspicious circumstances, but had been keeping an open mind about what may have happened to the young Aboriginal woman.

Roslyn Lewis said her granddaughter's disappearance was completely out of character.

"She would never do this," Ms Lewis told reporters earlier this week.

"Bianca if you are listening ... please call us, let us know that you are fine and whatever the problem is we can sort it out."

Police searched the property Ms Gawne shares with her family and surrounding waterways during the week but failed to find any trace of her.


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