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Murdered Aussie Schoolgirl Mystery Has Just Been Solved

When Louise Bell, a 10 year old schoolgirl from Adelaide, was taken from her house and murdered in 1983 the nation was appalled.

How could something so tragic have happened to a little girl who was supposed to be safe in her bed?

Louise vanished from her bedroom in January 1983 and her body has never been discovered.

The year long trial of her accused killer, Dieter Pfennig, has just come to an end and with it, prosecutors say, come some of the answers Louise's family have been searching for.

Pfennig allegedly "enticed" Louise Bell out through a window and then murdered her.

Louise knew Pfennig, he was a maths and science teacher and she played basketball with his daughter.

“Far more likely that she has gone with someone she knows, someone she recognised, a dad, a teacher,” Crown prosecutor Sandi McDonald SC said in her closing arguments.

Ms McDonald also added that the possibility of anyone other than Pfennig abducting and murdering Louise was “one billion to one”.

Five weeks after Louise vanished her yellow pyjama top was discovered neatly folded on a lawn just a street away from her home.


Nearly thirty years later new DNA testing methods would reveal that DNA, which matched that of Mr Pfennig, was present on the top.

It's allegedly a “one in a billion match.”

Further a witness had testified that she had seen Louise walking towards her home with Pfennig and his daughter on several occasions a year before she disappeared.

Pfennig, 67, is already serving a life sentence for murdering 10 year old Michael Black.

Just like Louise Bell, littel Michael's body has never been found.

Pfennig stood trial in this instance without a jury and it is not yet known when Justice David will return his verdict.


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