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Mums Brawl Outside Western Sydney School Over Parking Space

A terrifying brawl has broken out in front of young children after two mother’s began a fight during school pick up outside a Western Sydney school.

Police had to be called to break up the feud that occurred at Maronite College of the Holy Family School in Harris Park on Monday afternoon after other parents, staff and even a nun attempted to intervene but failed to control the situation.

The physical confrontation was filmed on a mobile phone and shows two women yelling at one another. It’s believed that the argument started over a parking space.

The school’s principal, Sr Margaret Ghosn, released a statement saying that she was deeply disappointed by the incident.

“The behaviour of a number of parents were extremely inappropriate and they will be addressed accordingly,” wrote Sr Ghosn. “I apologise for any young children who had to witness such rude and violent behaviour from adults.”

The principal also thanked anyone who attempted to break up the situation that had “escalated out of hand”.

When police officers arrived at the scene the fighting had stopped and thankfully no one was injured. No arrests were made but police are continuing an investigation into how the incident occurred.

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