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Multiple Flights To Melbourne Cancelled Due To Heavy Fog

A number of flights heading into Melbourne airport have been cancelled this morning due to a heavy blanket of fog covering the city.

Virgin Airlines and Qantas have cancelled three flights so far this morning and commuters are being warned that other flights might see delays.

The low, thick cloud is causing visibility issues this morning but is expected to clear up later today.

Peter Newham from the Bureau of Meteorology warned earlier that people flying in and out of Melbourne should expect delays.

“It might impact a few planes coming in and out but the fog should clear by mid-morning”, he said.

“It’s hard to know the extent of delays. There have been planes getting in this morning and planes have prepared themselves carrying extra fuel in case they need to make a few attempts to land.”

Weather in Melbourne is expected to clear up by mid-morning for a sunny day with temperatures expected to reach 28C.

Passengers concerned about their flights can check for updates with their specific airlines.

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