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MILLIONS Of Maggots Washed Up In Sydney’s Northern Beaches

If you’ve been swimming at the beach lately, and felt like it was a little overcrowded, you’re certainly not wrong.

MILLIONS of maggots have made their way into our waters at Newport and Bilgola beach, after millions of eggs were laid on the seaweed in the water, according to a report on the Daily Telegraph.

The creepy crawlies were first spotted at Newport on Sunday when a woman named Jane Gardner posted photos on Facebook with the tagline: “Zillions of maggots washed up on the tide at Newport Beach.”

The news meant that Bilgola rock pool was closed on Tuesday, as we wait for the larvae to develop into flies.

The only ones who were thrilled by the new arrivals, were the seagulls, who have been happily feasting on the maggots since their arrival.

“Natural beach conditions along with warm weather have contributed to an infestation in the seaweed caused by flies laying larvae,” he said.

“Mostly affecting the southern end of (Bilgola) beach, the seaweed has also washed into the rock pool,” Council’s manager of environment and infrastructure, Ben Taylor said.

Obviously, it’s advised not to swim in the affected areas as council keeps an eye on them.

Bilgola will be reopened as soon as possible.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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