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Mick Fanning Describes The Terrifying Moment We Didn't See

We all remember the shocking footage of Mick Fanning being surprised in the South African surf by a Great White Shark.

The story fast made headlines around the globe, with everyone wondering how he managed to get out of the water completely unscathed.

Today, he and fellow Aussie surfer Julian Wilson, who Mick mentors, fronted the media to answer questions about the ordeal.

When asked if he would ever get back in the water, Mick mentioned that the plan was 'just to get home'.

He then said, "I'm sure I'll get back out." Which makes us think that Fanning may be a pro surfer again, even if it's not for a few weeks - or even months.

We also discovered the moment Mick describes as the 'most terrifying' while he was in the water, and it happened to be a moment the cameras missed.

“The craziest moment actually unfolded when I got knocked off my board and disappeared behind the set wave,” said Fanning, in an interview with redbullcom.

“The thing started thrashing around me, you can see the water splashing, and that’s when I was hitting it.”

At the press conference, Mick also revealed that after the shark showed itself, Mick was flicked in the head with a fin and punched it away before swimming to shore, "I realised I was swimming freestyle and thought 'if it comes back for me I want to see it, so I turned around and cocked my fist."

When asked by a reporter if he would return to J-Bay (where the attack occurred) next year and surf, Mick answered, "Oh yeah for sure. It's such a shame that it happened there, because it's so beautiful. It's one of my top three places in the world to surf. How many surfers have surfed J-Bay and been fine? It was just unlucky and lucky at the same time."

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