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Melbourne Parents Chain Son To Bed To Prevent Violent Sprees

Image: Herald Sun

In a move of pure desperation, the parents of a 16-year-old Melbourne teenager have decided to chain him to his bed at night to stop him from sneaking out and committing crimes, such as burglaries and carjackings.

His mother spoke to the Herald Sun during the week, and said they decided to use a heavy duty motorcycle chain as the shackle.

Their son's involvement with crime began in the Moomba riots in the CBD in March. He has not tried to argue with his parents, and apparently has even acknowledged the seriousness of his crime sprees.

This 16-year-old in question had been imprisoned twice since the Moomba riots, but released back into the community under his parents' care.

The teen's mother said they began to chain him up as soon as he was bailed - “then we could sleep at night, instead of not knowing if he’s going out or not”.

Since making these comments, the son is now back in police custody after pleading guilty to taking park in a police pursuit, where police allege he was using drugs and driving. The teen's mother has come asked that her son stay in custody.

She wants him to remain in police custody until all of his many charges are dealt with, instead of him being prematurely released on the streets. The mother has previously said that our justice system allowed her son, and many other young offenders to be freed all too easily.

“They’re being given too many chances,” she said to the Herald Sun.

“Because my boy was given bail the first time he didn’t feel like he had actually got into any trouble.

“I said to him, ‘You’re not in there to be on holiday, you’re not there to be adored and admired by all your fans. You’re there because you did the wrong thing’.”

Source: Herald Sun

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