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Aussie Man Was High On Drugs When He FLOODED This Hotel

A Melbourne man allegedly flooded a hotel while high on drugs, a court heard. 

It's being reported that Bradley Vogt was found in a stairwell of the Experience Bella Hotel with a mop in hand while 400,000 litres of water flooded the building in May 2018.

It's alleged the 28-year-old had consumed drugs in his hotel room before releasing all the fire hydrants on levels 1 to 18. 

Over 300 residents were evacuated and damage was estimated to be over $1.5 million 

He was later found barricaded in a downstairs room, lashing out at police trying to arrest him. 

The court heard that Mr Vogt told emergency crews: “I had to do it. They are coming to get me. It is not safe.”

The Traralgon man was taking meth with another man, who when police found him, was completely unaware of the flooding! 

Vogt is currently a Melbourne Magistrates Court committal hearing on seven charges, including intentionally damaging property, resisting emergency workers, interfering with a hydrant and trafficking ice.

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