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The ONE Thing You Should Never Ask In A Masters Store

It's only a matter of weeks until Masters stores will shut their doors for good across Australia. Prices have been slashed, but Masters staff have been left sick of hearing Aussie customers asking for even bigger discounts. 

As the closing date for Masters looms, the stores are looking more and more like ghost towns.


At one Masters store, a sign reads “We’re doing our best”. 

“Please understand that our staff are not authorised to offer discounts beyond those displayed,” it said.



From Tuesday, all remaining stock will now be at least 50 per cent off with the price tag of many products slashed by 70 per cent and Australian shoppers are becoming bolder when it comes to asking for further discounts.  

While Masters may be sticking to their guns with no 'special' discounts, Steve Ogden, an expert in sales promotions at Deakin University, told

“With Masters, they’ve seen a big company fall on its sword so there’s a bit of vulture picking over the carcass. Customers see no harm in seeing if they can get a discount, there’s nothing to be lost and they’re never going back,” Dr Ogden said.

“I’m pretty damn sure they will crack as the closing day gets closer and what’s left is less and less desirable. What else are they going to do with it? Come the day, they will want those places emptied completely,”

Do you think it's fair to ask masters for further discounts? Or, are Aussie customers taking things too far? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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