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Masters Announce Their Biggest Sale News Yet As Stores Close

Woolworth’s failed hardware chain Masters Home Improvement has slashed its product prices by up to 70 percent as its closing date approaches.

All Masters stores are set to close on December 11 and stores are now stretching their sales in a last ditch attempt to clear all stock.

From today, remaining stock will be sold off with a minimum 50 percent off but no further discounts will be given.

Some stores have been forced to put signs saying that they are ‘’not authorised to offer discounts beyond those displayed.'

However, the liquidator GA Australia has told the publication that the sign may have been made at a local level as it takes the pressure off staff so they aren't pressured by customers into giving any extra discounts because it would be stressful if 40 or 50 times a day people were asking

Disgruntled customers are heading to the Masters Facebook page saying they believe the store boosted prices before discounting them.

'I honestly can't be bothered going to your stores during your 'supposed' sale only to find your prices have been jacked up so much prior to taking the percentage off, they are almost the same price as Bunnings,' wrote one woman.

'The trouble is (Masters) have always been too expensive, even the discounts don’t alter that, found out the other day with a skylight - ended up buying from Bunnings,' added another.

Others complained that there was 'hardly anything left' to buy, with one man advising buyers to 'just go in and browse through what's left of the carcass.'  

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