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Man Punches Woman In Face In Shocking Road Rage Incident

An unbelievable incident took place at Doyalson at Lake Macquarie yesterday when a horrifying road rage attack occurred after a man punched a woman directly in the face.

Dash cam footage from another car captured the attack that shocked onlookers.

In the footage, a man can be seen getting out of his car when stopped at traffic lights, and then approaching a female passenger who has gotten out of her vehicle.

The man then suddenly strikes the woman in the face, and she then steps into her car and begins to reverse towards the man as he walks back to his ute.

Dwayne Pillidge who posted the video on Facebook wrote:

'This is after the woman in the front car was tossing things from her window at his car,'

'I don't care what your reason, it is not OK to hit a woman.'

A woman claiming to be the victim has defended herself on Facebook after a number of men tried to justify the attack.

She wrote:

'I don't give a f*** he hit me, don't put a babies life at risk,' 

'He tried running us off the road with a 5 month old baby in the car we tried getting away from (him but) he kept going so I got out and asked what his problem was.'

She uploaded several images showing her bruised and bloody lip.


Another woman, believed to be in the driver seat of the same car, also told her alleged side of the story.

She admitted to throwing nails out of the car window after the man began tailgating her, and making alleged death threats.

'So your saying it was ok (sic) for him to tailgate me with my son in the car, trying to run us off the road and threatening to kill us (?),'

'But it's not ok for her to throw things at him to get him off my tail after I have merged into the opposite lane.'

A spokewoman for NSW Police say that a woman claiming to be the person struck by the man had contacted them but has not yet been interviewed. 

Daily Mail

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