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Man Claims To Have Taken Photo Of The Blue Mountains Panther

The Blue Mountains is home to some pretty breathtaking views, Instagram-worthy waterfalls and many, many bush walks.

But according to a legend that has been circling around the area for many years it’s also home to a massive Black Panther!

The rumours that a black panther was roaming around the mountains in Sydney’s west began many years ago when people began reporting sightings of a large, black creature with a long, flowing tail that was far too large to be a household pet.

Just recently a man claimed the creature stalked him while he was bushwalking near Emu Plains MORE

People were convinced that the mysterious creature was a Panther that had escaped from a private zoo or circus and was left to roam across the Blue Mountains area.

Some theories also suggest that there could be more than one Panther with the possibility that more than one escaped and they have since bred.

For a long time, the Panther was spotted but there was never any real proof of it.


Most people were too scared to grab out their camera and take a photo while others that did couldn’t get a really clear shot of the animal in the dark.

That is until now!

What do you think? Do we finally have proof that the Blue Mountains Panther exists? Or are you a sceptic who thinks this is still nothing more than a legend?

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