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Man Charged For Biting 13 YOs Face Trying To Steal His Shoes

A  twenty-year-old man has now been charged after a teenager was allegedly bitten on his cheek in a random assault inside Macquarie Shopping Centre.

It's believed the man attempted to steal the thirteen-year-old's shoes before assaulting him in the crowded mall.

Deklan Manley was with a friend when the two men approached him asking where they could buy drugs.

The man allegedly became annoyed and demanded that young teenager Deklan hand over the shoes he was wearing.

An scuffle soon erupted and one of the men threatened Deklan before he pushed the man away.

The assault then escalated and the teen was bitten on the cheek with graphic footage showing the alleged attacker with his teeth clenched firmly on the side of Deklan's face.

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