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Man Charged After Allegedly Taking His Daughters Bullies On

A man, who says he was sticking up for his 12-year-old step-daughter against school bullies, has been charged after he slapped a boy in the face.

James Olander Pearce, 37, was arrested and charged with injury to a child, however, his wife has told TV station KTRK the court records do not tell the whole story.

The man's wife claims her daughter was being bullied by a classmate and another child while walking home for school in Texas, US.

She told KTKR that she called her stepdad to come and pick her up but while on his way the daughter was told she had an ‘ugly’ body and was called a “transvestite”, then had an ice cream thrown at her.

In a police statement, the daughter said that she saw her stepfather slap the schoolboy but didn’t think it was ‘that hard a strike’.

The boy reportedly took a photo of himself after the incident, which showed “an obvious large handprint on the left side of his face that was extremely red and appeared to be swelling,” according to the affidavit. 

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