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Man Banned From Driving For 984 Years Busted Driving Again

Is this bloke serious?

A Sydney man who is disqualified from driving until the year 3001, yes you read correctly 3001, has been caught behind the wheel yet AGAIN.

9 News report that 62 year old Leonard Davie, who is banned for an unprecedented 984 years, has been sentenced to 100 hours of community service after he was caught driving in Campbelltown in July.

Davie's lawyer told the court he decided to drive to his local Bunnings to buy some pipe, as his friend who normally ferries him around had been drinking.

The driving ban comes after he racked up a number of drink driving offences in Western Australia, banning him until the year 2999.

In 2010 he was again charged with drink driving in NSW, and had an extra two years added to his already lengthy disqualification.

The magistrate didn't add any further years to his disqualification, saying that there was no need.

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