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Malcolm Turnbull Banking On Support From State Leaders

Malcolm Turnbull will be banking on support from state and territory leaders as he pushes for a swag of changes to national security laws.

The prime minister has flagged at least four tough measures ahead of special leaders meeting in Canberra on Thursday, including the ability to hold and question terror suspects without charge for up to a fortnight.

He wants a nationally-consistent pre-charge detention regime, bringing the states and territories with a shorter detention period in line with the NSW.

Mr Turnbull will also put forward new federal laws to criminalise the possession of instructional terrorist material and stronger laws against terrorism hoaxes.

On top of that, he will ask state premiers and territory chiefs to hand over the photos of every licensed Australian driver to add to the national database to help beef up a soon-to-be-automated facial recognition system.

The proposal has already been criticised by privacy and civil liberty advocates.

But NSW and Victoria have offered their conditional support, acknowledging the very real threat facing Australians.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said he was prepared to share information from VicRoads.

"We need to do more and sometimes that will mean curtailing the rights and liberties of a small number of people in order to protect many, many millions more," he said.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian echoed his sentiments and said anything that will help authorities identify suspects is welcome.

"We would consider what that means to privacy and other issues, but at the end of the day what matters most is public safety," she said.

Ms Berejiklian, meanwhile, has announced her plan to keep radicalised inmates behind bars beyond their sentence even if they were jailed for non-terror offences.

The meeting, announced by Mr Turnbull in June following the deadly Brighton siege in Melbourne, comes hot on the heels of the massacre in Las Vegas.


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