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Mal Meninga Calls For NRL Bad Boys To Be Stood Down

Rugby League Immortal and current Kangaroos coach Mal Meninga has spoken out after the NRL's off-season from hell.

With players including Dylan Walker, Ben Barba and Jack de Belin facing serious accusations, Meninga has weighed into the debate about their immediate playing futures, telling the Daily Telegraph he believes de Belin should be suspended immediately from the game due to the serious nature of the charges against the St George Illawarra player.

Meninga said:

“Anything around domestic violence or sexual abuse, is a no-no in society,”

“The game has to say no too. Everyone is sick of it. Their time’s up."

“If you bugger up and get charged, you’ve got to be suspended until your case is determined. You can’t be around the game or the team. It’s got to be definitive."

“Yes, there has to be a presumption of innocence until found guilty but players have got to understand they are custodians of the game."

“Anyone who goes outside the parameters and values deserves to be extinguished from our game.”


Meninga gave his thoughts on de Belin's short term future:

“He should be suspended,”

“He’s been charged. A process has taken place. He’s been interviewed and police have charged him with a very serious offence."

“He should be automatically suspended on full pay until the matter is resolved.”

“If we were picking an Australian team tomorrow he wouldn’t even be in the picture. Not after what’s alleged to have happened.”

“We have to be a value-driven organisation and players have to be educated more on the expectation of those values. The game needs to do better in telling people what it stands for.”

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