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Snake Slithers Through Doggy Door And Hides In Aussie House

Okay we live in Australia, so we pretty much know that we're going to come across some snake's during the hotter seasons.

But we DO NOT expect to see them in our HOUSES and certainly not on a day as mild as just over 20 degrees!

Yep it's a scary world out there as it seems that the snakes are already terrorising Aussies, after a 1.5 metre brown snake was found hiding inside a blind in a Victorian home.

The snake was discovered at the Bannockburn family home on Sunday, a day when the temperature was sitting in the low 20s.

And how did it get in? The damn thing slithered through the doggy door! (or cat flap if you're a cat person)

Snake catcher Darren Keiller was the hero called in to help and luckily he managed to get the reptile out of the house safely.

"It's not very often they do get inside, but being in the," Mr Keiller said.

People are being warned to be wary and to not go near the snakes, with brown snakes identified as the most likely to attack.

Doctors have also warned those who get bitten not to wash the wound but to bandage it and head straight to the nearest hospital.

"You've actually got to stay calm and keep the person who's been bitten as calm as possible and as immobile as possible," Dr Mary-Anne Lancaster from Royal Flying Doctor Service said.

And so now that we live in a country where snakes are coming out much earlier than expected, and entering our homes, our SANCTUARIES, if you need me I'll be moving to Antarctica...

Source: 9NEWS

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