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Less Than Half Of Aussies Will Vaccinate For Flu This Season

After NSW suffered one of it’s worst flu seasons last year it has now been revealed that less than one in two Australians plan to get the influenza vaccination in the lead up to winter.

A poll conducted by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has discovered that only 45 per cent of Aussies are planning to get their flu shots in preparation for what is expected to be one of the country’s coldest Winters on record.

The poll revealed that people are not planning to get the jab as most people don’t think that they are at risk.

"Our research showed more than half of Australian adults mistakenly consider themselves to be at low risk of contracting the flu,” said George Tambassis, the president of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in a statement on Monday.

“The flu virus can affect anyone, even the fit and healthy, so your best defence against the flu is vaccination.”

The survey conducted on 1000 people also revealed that last year one in two elderly people were vaccinated for influenza while less than a third of millennials received the shot. NSW recorded over 100,000 cases of the flu last year.

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