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The Terrifying Moment Two Planes Nearly Collide Mid-Air

Two passenger planes came within 152 metres of each other in an alarming mid-air calamity, it has be revealed.

An investigation has been launched after the packed Jetstar flight nearly collided with an Air Asia flight on the Gold Coast.

According to The Courier Mail, the Jetstar flight was preparing to land when it was forced to take evasive action.

The Air Asia flight, which was taking off for New Zealand, strayed into its flight path just 6km off the coast, north of Coolangatta Airport.

As alarms sounded, the Jetstar flight was forced to pull out of the descent and pull the aircraft back up into a climb.

In Australia, major passenger aircraft should have a minimum vertical separation of 305m.

A spokesman for Jetstar said the plane had been cleared to descend.

“During descent, the aircraft warning system alerted our pilots to another aircraft approaching our approved flight path,” he told The Courier Mail.

“Our pilots took corrective action to restore the safe distance between the two aircraft.

“The flight continued on to the Gold Coast and landed without further incident. It’s likely that most passengers would not have been aware of the incident.”

Air Asia said they were unable to comment while the matter was being investigated.

Top Photo: AAP

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