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James Packer Enters $5000-A-Night Mental Health Facility

Billionaire James Packer has checked in to one of America’s top psychiatric hospitals just days after stepping down from his gambling empire Crown Resorts.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the 50-year-old entered the McLean Hospital, an exclusive $35,000-a-week facility accompanied by his mother Ros Packer on Thursday night.

Boston Globe journalist Alex Beam, who has written abut the facility said, "McLean is a medical facility and not a fake medical facility like some of these spas in Arizona,”

“Harvey Weinstein would not fit in there. This is the real deal. People with real life drug problems or mental breakdowns are treated there. They also treat eating disorders. It’s for people who can spare no expense. It’s not where you hide out from the paparazzi or to avoid a judge — it’s a medical facility.”

News that Mr Packer is receiving professional treatment has come after reports that he had repeatedly asked his ex-wife Erica Baxter to reconcile.

A family friend told the Daily Telegraph, “Turning back the clock five years might be what James wants but it won’t help Erica”  

“She has finally got her life together and has created a stable life in Los Angeles for her kids" 

“She doesn’t want to undo the good work she’s done with James repairing the relationship. As platonic friends they are good parents and his children get to see James at his best.”

If you or someone you know needs help, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14

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