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It’s Revealed 60 Minutes Crew Could Face Up To 20 Years Jail

It has been revealed by Daily Star, that Tara Brown and a 60 Minutes crew could face up to 20 years in a Lebanese jail after they assisted an Australian mother in what turned out to be a botched attempt to recover her children in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

The outcome of the charges to the 60 Minutes crew who were part of nine people involved in the botched kidnapping of two Australian children has been revealed.

According to a tweet from Tom Steinfort, all four of the 60 Minutes crew, including Tara Brown, senior producer Stephen Rice, cameraman Ben Williamson and sound recordist David Ballment have been formally charged with; hiding information, forming an association with two or more people to commit a crime against a person, kidnapping or holding a minor even with her approval and physical assault.

According to a report on, they all appeared individually in court last night before Judge Rami Abdullah, where they were asked if they wanted representation in the case, before being questioned.

All declared they wanted a lawyer so each spent five minutes before the judge with the exception of the children’s mother Sally Faulkner, who spent longer answering questions.

At the end, when asked if they were getting out, one of the Channel 9 crew members sombrely said “I wish”.

A full court hearing is expected tomorrow, and it should give each channel 9 member a better idea of what to expect.

“It’s fine thank you,” she told News Corp Australia when asked how she was coping.

She was formally brought before the judge for a private meeting at 2.15pm local time.

The four are among nine people to have been charged in the case, which relates to last week’s botched snatching of two children from a school bus stop in the southern Beirut suburb of Hadath.

Speaking outside of the court to News Corp Australia, the children’s father Ali Elamine expressed his dismay at the situation.

“It is a big mess, a really big mess, 100 per cent,” said Mr Elamine.

“The children are good, they are in good health and that is all that matters not the media not what happened, but it [the CCTV of the botched operation] is for everyone to view.

“But the children, I’ve calmed them down as much as I can. It was a bit rough and tough. The manpower ... it went wrong in places.

“It is a mess, all of it. She (the children’s mother Sally Faulkner) could have gone about it in a different way, not like this.

“What happened shouldn’t have happened and the kids should not have been put in a situation where someone could have been harmed; the kids should not have been dragged into this.”


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