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Is Sydney Really 'Full'

A new poll has found that a whopping two thirds of Sydney residents believe the city is 'full' and that any new homes for immigrants should be built outside the city limits.

With Sydney's population forecast to grow by a further 1.74 million by 2036, the Greater Sydney Commission estimates that another 725,000 homes will be needed to house them.

The ReachTell poll found 66.4 per cent of residents think any future developments should be pushed to the fringes, as opposed to building more high rise apartments.

Only 22.8 per cent think that the city was 'still growing' and the inner metro should continue to be redeveloped, while 10.7 per cent were still undecided.

Most residents want immigration cut from its record high 200,000 a year to try and keep downward pressure on house prices.

Sydney's average house price has jumped 10.5 per cent in the past year and climbed above $1.1 million earlier this year as 16.2 per cent more houses went on the market.


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