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Aussie Woman Uses Facebook To Help Domestic Violence Victims

A Facebook group set up by Queensland woman Jody Campion has helped thousands of domestic violence victims to start afresh.

Ms Campion, a mother-of-nine, first set-up Helping From Heaven two years ago, in memory of her late mum; the group now has more than 3,500 members and has become an important and necessary service for the local community.

"Mum passed away in 2014," Ms Campion told ABC News. "She was my inspiration for this. She was a widowed mother of five when I was four in 1979. She helped everybody."

Run by Ms Campion and two other women, Helping From Heaven takes donations of groceries and basic furniture, delivering them to both men and women who have left abusive relationships and are starting over.

"We've all experienced so many things..." the central Queenslander, who herself escaped a domestic violence relationship, explained. "Suicide, domestic violence, some of us [are] just struggling mums and we just do it because someone needs our help.

"I know how hard it is - how will I survive, how will I feed the kids?

"When you leave with just the clothes on your back, you have nowhere to live, you have no money. 

"It's seriously one of the most stressful times anyone will ever go through."

The group has grown to the point that they receive more than 100 requests a week, from victims and their families and, at times, from agencies who are struggling with low funding and can't keep up with demand, but Ms Campion praised the generosity of their community.

"They're very overwhelmed because they didn't know where to get help, what help they were going to receive and then we come along with car load after car load of furniture and toys and they're so very grateful," the dedicated mum said, before explaining that her labour of love was quickly becoming a family-wide effort. 

"My husband usually brings the trailer, he does all the heavy lifting. But we manage.

"All the kids help. This is one thing that's taught my children to appreciate what they have, because there are kids out there that don't have anything."

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