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Woman Left Unconscious After IKEA Cup Explodes In Her Face

IKEA has been ordered to pay a woman $8000 after one of their mugs exploded in her face. 

The explosion of the ikea glass cup knocked the woman unconscious, leaving her with a broken front tooth and a split lip.

The Chinese woman was drinking a hot drink from one of IKEA's 'Stelna' mugs when it shattered, resulting in over a dozen hospital visits and multiple stitches. 


"I'm lucky the glass didn’t enter my eye," she told local media. "I hope IKEA investigates and gets to the bottom of this as soon as possible."

While the incident affected the woman physically, it also scarred her psychologically. 

"I panic whenever I hear any loud, sudden sound, if I’m woken up in the night by a sound, I’m not able to get back to sleep," she said. "During the day, I’m very depressed, it has even come to affect my work."


While IKEA's lawyers have claimed that they have undertaken extensive tests that prove the integrity of the mug, the Beijing court ruled that the Swedish-founded company had to pay the woman $8,000 in compensation. 

Both sides disagreed with the verdict and launched appeals after the victim demanded $158,000 in compensation, however the Beijing appeals court upheld the initial ruling.

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