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Huge Warning Given To Schapelle Corby Following Her Return

Experts have warned that Schapelle Corby could be about to breach proceeds-of-crime laws now she is home.

Many Australian media outlets are competing to secure the first post-parole interview with the convicted drug smuggler.

TV networks and women’s magazines regularly offer large cash amounts for exclusives but this time there is a big problem - Schapelle cannot profit from her "criminal notoriety" and nor can she benefit from any money paid to the family of friends.

Christian Juebner, an expert in the proceeds of crime, told The Age "The Proceeds of Crime Act does not distinguish between payments for books, public appearances [or anything else]."

This is defied as "any benefit that a person derives from the commercial exploitation of [their] notoriety, resulting directly or indirectly from the person committing an indictable offence or foreign indictable offence".

It is likely that Schapelle’s finances will be closely scrutinised by the Australian Federal Police, especially as they have already recovered $128,000 from the Corby, following the release of the book ‘My Story.’

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