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Horseman Protests On Sydney Harbour Bridge

Image: AAP

A beef farmer from the bush has ridden his horse across the Sydney Harbour Bridge sending a message to the city slickers about protecting the land.



Wearing an Akubra, Glenn Morris from Inverell in northwest NSW saddled up on Thursday morning on his steed Hombre, to ride along Lane Eight of the bridge to raise awareness as state and federal governments consider new legislation to increase vegetation clearing.



"I'm sorry about that for anyone that was caught in the traffic, but I just had a message to deliver which I think was important," he told reporters afterwards.

"We need vegetation on farms to protect healthy soils and rivers, and yet the state Government plans to allow important native vegetation to be cleared more easily," Mr Morris said.

The 600km trip down to Sydney was the first time Hombre had been to the big smoke.

"He's never seen a car road before, he's never seen a city as far as I know," Mr Morris said.

While morning commuters were surely surprised to see a horse, Hombre too was a little jumpy at moments.

"There were these little steel things where the bridge must flex a bit and they freaked him out and I had to get off at one stage and lead him over."

"He'll be glad to get back to the farm on the soft grass," he said.


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