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Kangaroo Prank Divides Australians


In Australia, no-one is immune to a little road kill. Driving anywhere near the country, it's unfortunate, but you're bound to see a decased animal on the side of the road - it's pretty much a fact of life in Australia.

However, making it humorous is not so normal.

Someone has thought it funny to drive around the Queensland highways and attach helium 'Get Well Soon' balloons to the dead carcasses. The morbid stunt covers a 90km stretch of road.

The sight has caught many motorists by surprise, with some stopping to take photos, no doubt to bring light to the offender in a bid to catch them.


The prank has made quite an impact on social media, with many people have condemned the display, calling it 'heinous', 'gross' and 'horrific'.

‘What if someone tied a ‘get well soon’ balloon to a friend or family member’s foot at their funeral????? How would you feel? It is still a life...’

However, surprisingly, some believe it was a kind-hearted gesture in a bid to make people smile. Somehow...

'I think it's someone trying to make people smile... Hasn't hurt anyone and from all the comments on Facebook it's made a lot of people laugh,' said passerby Louise Watson.


'With this drought I think the people around here have just needed something to laugh about and well this little prank seemed to have helped...'

‘Very funny! Definitely made my day,’ said one woman who saw the decorated roos. ‘We had a laugh going to work when we saw this, it’s funny,’ argued another spectator.

‘Hillarious!! Very cheeky,’ was another response.

Source: Daily Mail

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