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Hero Brussels Airport Worker Pulled SEVEN Wounded To Safety

After over 30 people lost their lives during the Brussels terror attacks in Belgium, heroes have emerged from the struggles that gives us renewed faith in humanity.

A worker at Brussels airport - Alphonse Youla - was wrapping bag at the airport check-in when the attacks began.

He proceeded to move seven injured people away from the scene and to a safe place in the elevator and is being praised.

He spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the harrowing experience, saying he heard several bangs, one that might be a gunshot and another that was much louder.

"I saw people lying on the ground with a lot of blood who weren't moving any more," he said. 

He's been hailed a hero on Twitter since photos of him helping hit the news.

City residents are also standing in solidarity with the people affected by the terror attacks, offering their homes to the people along with the hashtags #PorteOuverte and #ikwillhelpen.

After the horrific Paris attacks the #PorteOuverte hashtag began, with Parisians opening their homes to the people affected.

H/T Mashable

Top photo: AAP

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