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Have You Found Black Tape On Your Letterbox?

Deborah James, who lives in Ballina, NSW was most perplexed when she found black tape on her letterbox.

Wanting an answer, Deborah posted an image of the tape to the Ballina Crime Reports page on Facebook, asking if anyone knew the meaning of the black tape.

The post was quickly flooded with theories - the most common being that the tape was used by thieves as a marker to identify homes that had dogs which could be stolen.

Now even more confused, Ms James answered.

"That’s what I was afraid of but can’t figure out why. No dogs, only cat inside and I lead a very simple quiet life and own nothing of value. They must be scraping the bottom of the barrel."

Someone else commented, "Years ago, it was letting thieves know that you had a dog and to stay away."

Another said "They tag your place to steal from you."


Another Facebook user warned Ms James to get rid of the tape.

"I’d get rid of it just in case. It could mean a lot of things, mostly bad, I mean it could just be kids but I wouldn't take the risk. Throw it away."

Several people commented on the photo and warned Deborah to contact local police about her find.

Have you found a similar marking on your letterbox?

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