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Guide Dog Attacked By Two Unleashed Canines In Sydney

Two out of control dogs have attacked a woman and her guide dog as they attempted to walk to the local store to buy milk.

Liz Wheeler, and her seeing eye-dog Poppi, were surrounded by the canines as their owner didn’t have them secure on leashes.

“(They) came up and were yapping and barking and sort of nipping at her. They pushed us out onto the road,” said Ms Wheeler, who suffers from the degenerative eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa.

“I was quite confused and frightened and sort of yelling because I couldn’t understand why they (the owner) weren’t pulling their dogs away and why they were letting it happen.

“The owner was there, but they (the dogs) weren’t on leads so the owner wasn’t able to control them.”

After the terrifying incident, Ms Wheeler says she returned home and asked her husband to check Poppi for injuries. It’s believed that she had bite marks all over her belly but thankfully no serious injuries.

Ms Wheeler says that if the dogs had been on leads “it would never have had happened.” But unfortunately Guide Dog’s are attacked more often than you would think while working.

A NSW/ACT Guide Dog survey found that one in two handlers throughout NSW and the ACT reported their companion being attacked while on the job.

The survey also showed that 78 percent of these attacks were caused by dogs who weren’t on their leash.

The rise in attacks has caused for the introduction of the national ‘In Your Hands’ campaign which aims to raise community awareness about how to behave around Guide Dogs while they’re working.

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