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'Grammar Vigilante' Tackles Crimes Against Punctuation

He’s a self-confessed “grammar vigilante” and the world has branded him “the Banksy of punctuation".

For 13 years, the anonymous man has been heading out in the dead of night to clean the streets of rogue, or completely missing, apostrophes.

Earlier this week, the BBC tagged along with him on one of his midnight missions.

Using an ‘apostrophiser’ – essentially a broom handle that allows him to reach up to shop signs – he is able to add, or cover up, offending punctuation marks.

“This is a device that enables you to plant an apostrophe quite high up and get over any obstacles,” he said.

The first sign was in 2003.

“It was a council sign – Mondays to Fridays – and had these ridiculous apostrophes. I was able to scratch those off.”

Among others, a nail shop called “Amys Nail’s”.

“It was so loud and in your face. I just couldn’t abide it. It grates.”

Another was “Cambridge Motor’s”, to which he was thanked by the owners.

When it was suggested that what he was doing was perhaps illegal, he simply said he was “sticking on a bit of sticky-back plastic.”

“It’s more of a crime to have the apostrophes wrong.”

The Guardian

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