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Girl Dragged Into Ocean By Sea Lion Now Has A Rare Infection

Recently, we saw horrific footage of a little girl being pulled into the water by a sea lion.

Though she seemed okay, albeit traumatised, by the ordeal, fears soon surfaced surrounding her health, after it was learned that sea lions carry a rare disease called ‘seal finger’, which comes from the bacteria in a seal’s mouth.

A spokesperson for the Vancouver Aquarium has confirmed that the girl is indeed being treated for "seal finger,”, as the bacteria from the seal is thought to have infected the girl’s open cut.

If untreated, the condition can cause massive swelling leading to the loss of fingers or limbs.

"She's going to get the right treatment," Aquarium spokesperson Deana Lancaster told NBC News.

We hope she’s okay. Our thoughts are with her.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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