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Funding Frozen On Sports Programs Ahead Of Tokyo Olympics

In a blow to some of our major sporting programs, it's been revealed that they have had their funding frozen just two years out from the Tokyo Olympics.

Major bodies including athletics, gymnastics , water polo and volleyball are guaranteed just 70 per cent of their old budget in the new round of funding that's been recommended by the Australian Institute of Sport.

Sport Australia will now lose the remaining 30 per cent unless they can justify to AIS director Peter Conde why it is needed.

Our athletics program currently has a budget of $8.9 million but have been under pressure after Aussie athletes failed to win a single gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Sports such as swimming that have continued to be successful aren't affected but has revealed four smaller sports will lose all of their AIS public funding. 


Synchronised swimming, table tennis and two sports that are being kept secret are now going to feel the pinch when it comes to funding.

Until recently table tennis received $250,000 a year and synchronised swimming $50,000.

Mr Conde said funding was being withdrawn as “they are sports that were never going to win a medal”.

“These are sports that had a very low probability of success in the future,” Mr Conde said.

“We have to make the decision in the context of funding new sports in the future."

“If it was a sport that was ever going to or potentially going to win a medal we would not have done this.”


The funding cuts were described by one sports CEO as a “worst nightmare” situation ahead of the Tokyo Games.

“This is a kick in the guts … we are less than two years out from Tokyo and the last thing athletes need is distraction and disruption,” said.

“We need an intervention and we need it now. We need a commitment from government to find the money and not cut funds up to and during the Tokyo Games."

“A month ago the Sports Minister said there was $50 million for sport, well why then do multiple sports get cut? This is not an Olympic dream this is our worst nightmare.” 

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