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Frightening Footage Of Car Narrowly Missing Horses, Cyclists

A helmet-cam has captured the frightening moment a car narrowly misses a group of cyclists and horseriders.

Uploaded to YouTube on October 23, the cyclists can be seen making hand gestures behind their backs, apparently to warn of an approaching hazard, in this case, the horses.

As the cyclists pass the horseriders, a car suddenly overtakes the cyclists from the left side, leaving the road and kicking up the loose gravel on the verge.

The video has attracted a stack of heated comments on YouTube, with many favouring the driver who was, as one said, doing “the best he could”.

Some others:

 “Two abreast yet taking up the entire width of the road - rear rider should be keeping an eye behind the back and communicating forward to let people know if cars want to pass.”

“Single lane road. Cyclist should be single file so they aren't creating an traffic hazard,” wrote another.

“So let me get this right.... The riders and the f*cking horses have more rights on the road than the car owner who pays road tax?”

But then these…

“Yes the driver made an idiotic and illegal decision but the cyclist group's hazardous choice to take up the entire road without letting the car safely pass promoted the drivers decision.  Both should be shamed.”

“The driver was a d*ck undertaking like that, hope the police get the rego and the driver. But yes, the cyclists could have been in single file and not blocking the entire road.”

“[the driver] could have waited and not almost killed two horses and several people!”

“For the benefit of the discussion, this event took place on Albert Road, at the intersection with Dalgety Road, in Middle Swan, just outside Perth, Western Australia.  The road is not particularly narrow and there is plenty enough room for a car to pass cyclists riding two abreast.  I think most car drivers have been faced with the situation where they have been unnecessarily blocked by cyclists, but that was not the case here.  The car driver was undoubtedly at fault.”

After watching the footage, what do you think?

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