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New Zealander Was Caught Playing Bagpipes While Driving

A New Zealand driver has been let off with a warning after being spotted practising a set of bagpipes while driving his car in Dunedin, local police have said.

Acting Sergeant Bryce Johnson told local news website Stuff on Wednesday that he saw the man with both hands on the instrument, rather than on the steering wheel.

"His fingers were going a million miles an hour. And I'm certain I could see a black-type instrument, which looked like a clarinet," Johnson said.

Radio New Zealand reported that the man was playing a chanter, a recorder-like device which creates the melody on a set of bagpipes.

"It's foolish to say the least. We are also concerned with the amount of drivers using mobile phones while driving. These also are major distractions for people," Johnson told the broadcaster.

Dunedin, at the southern end of New Zealand's South Island, has a strong Scottish heritage. The city is named after the old Gaelic name for Edinburgh and was founded by the Free Church of Scotland in 1848.


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