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Follow Australia On Guns, Says US Teen Samuel Zeif

A teenage student survivor of last week's school massacre in Florida has wept in an emotional address at the White House while imploring US President Donald Trump to follow Australia's lead on gun control.

Samuel Zeif, 18, sat at the listening session with other survivors and parents of children killed in school massacres including Columbine in Colorado and Sandy Hook in Connecticut.

Mr Zeif used Australia's swift gun control response after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania that left 35 people dead as an example of the path the US could follow.

"Can anyone here guess how many shootings there have been in schools in Australia since then?" Zeif, looking at the president and others at the listening session, asked.

Mr Zeif then shaped his fingers into a circle.

"Zero," the student said. "We need to do something. That's why we are here."

Mr Trump indicated he was open to tightening US gun laws, something past presidents and Congress had so far struggled to do.

Mr Trump flagged tougher background checks and mental health screens for gun buyers.

He also showed interest in allowing teachers to carry concealed guns in schools.

Nikolas Cruz, a teenage former student at Mr Zeif's Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida, armed himself with an AR-15 rifle on February 14 and shot dead 17 students and teachers.


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