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Father Of 5-YO Cancer Victim Reveals Heartbreaking Truth

The black and white photo shows the four-year-old little girl wincing in pain as she lays back, hooked up to a chemotherapy machine, fighting the horrid cancer that had affected her small body.

The photo was released by Jessica Whelan’s father, Andy, in a bid to create awareness around neuroblastoma.

Just three weeks after the photo was released, Jessica passed away on Sunday November 20 at 7am, in her own bed.

Speaking out for the first time, Mr Whelan told the Daily Mail that he and his partner Nicky Prendergrast made the decision that Jessica should spend her final night in her own bed after she died.

Mr Whelan revealed that after she passed, he cuddled up to her and read her favourite story to her.

He treasures those last few hours together. 'With her passing on a Sunday, there wasn’t a lot of knowledge as to what was going to happen and the last thing we wanted was for her to be taken on a Sunday just to be laid on a slab in an environment we don’t know.

'We had family that wanted to come down and say their goodbyes in the comfort of our home and our surroundings, not a funeral home and coffin. 'On the Sunday evening I read her favourite story to her and we were able to cuddle up to her.'

Mr Whelan revealed he suffers from nightmares and depression after Jessica’s passing, and confessed he is tormented by milestones and why the distressing image of her agony will forever serve a permanent reminder that he and his partner made the right decision to end her treatment and let her go.

Mr Whelan is now backing a World Child Cancer campaign to raise awareness of a disparity in treatment across the world.

Source: Daily Mail

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